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Mature content
My Friend the Matriarch (TG) :icondrbeaubourg:DrBeaubourg 67 10
Mature content
Yoruichigiku (Part 1) :iconslayerendx13:SlayerEndX13 20 3
Lo Mein
For a broke college student like myself, the hole-in-the-wall Chinese place was the place to be for decent, cheap food that wasn't pizza. A man could only have so much large supremes before they just get sick and tired of it all. I parked my 2000 Camaro in the shitty, run-down parking lot before the nearly-abandoned strip-mall. The windows blocked off by curtains, with the only clue that hinted that the place might be open was a single fluorescent OPEN sign.
The restaurant, squashed between an empty and closed grocery store and a crafts store closed for the night, was a tiny place. I cracked my back and got out of my ancient car to walk across the cracked lot for the restaurant. I approached the door and glanced at the other OPEN sign that was hanging in a lopsided fashion. Ignoring that, I pushed the door open and immediately my nose was hit with a the smell of chicken and mold. Considering that this place had pretty decent food, I was all for ignoring the latter smell.
Inside the pla
:icongold3drago:gold3drago 45 2
Mature content
Sekushii's Perspective (TG) :iconmonkey-scientist:Monkey-Scientist 15 0
The Curse of the Magical Girl: Chapter 1
By: D. R. Nyan-chan
Chapter 1: Bonky Bunny and the Mysterious Shadows
Fog.  Thick, dense fog as far as the eye could see.  That was the best way to describe the view from Siete Altar.  The altar itself was a stone circular dais about 10 ft. in diameter with seven equally placed square boulders surrounding its circumference.  Atop each boulder, a small entity resided, their figures distorted by the semi-opaque mist.
“Our hope is wan-ing,” one of the figures said.
“Things are not as bleak as they seem,” another figure replied in a deadpan tone.
“We still have a chance to pyon things around-pyon-pyon,” a third jumped in.
“Nyow is the time for us to act.  The time has finyally come to rescue him-nya,” a fourth mewed.
“Not on our ownsies, we were able to locate our chosen ones, but we have to hurry before the meany shadows interfere, tee hee,” a cheery voice
:icongoodkittynyanchan:GoodKittyNyanchan 82 65
The Abandoned Mansion
Warning, contains TG.
"I can't believe him! He's so stupid! Thinking I can't do anything on my own!" the girl ranted. She walked around the room furiously. "I'll show him! I'll show that I don't need him for anything!"
She went toward a window and sat next to it leaning her head against it. Suddenly, she heard shouts and looked outside to see the source of the yelling. "What's this?" she asked herself. She saw a group of boys walking toward the building which she resided in. "Hmm. This could be fun…" she told herself.
"Do I… do I really have to go into that abandoned mansion!?" Corey asked. "Of course ya gotta go in. You lost the bet, you have to pay up!" Keith replied. "I didn't even agree with that bet!" Corey yelled in anger. "Doesn't matter, if you don't do it then we get to tell who gave us all the answers for the last tests!" Jordan said.
"You forced me to do that out of blackmail!" Corey responded. "And now we do more of the same! You see how the pattern works? Besides
:iconsomeguywithaname:Someguywithaname 35 5
Mature content
Journal of a Demi-god: Mask of Yoko :iconjanusdadefender:JanusDaDefender 105 20
Overlord Bob: Usa's Encore by Mr-DNA Overlord Bob: Usa's Encore :iconmr-dna:Mr-DNA 705 88 Overlord Bob: Usa's Magic Show by Mr-DNA Overlord Bob: Usa's Magic Show :iconmr-dna:Mr-DNA 555 76
Robotic - TG
Mike stared at the wall. It wasn't a particularly interesting wall. In fact, it could be claimed by some - many - to be a rather boring wall. But it was the only wall Mike had to stare at, and it was mildly less boring than the back of his eyelids. His head being fixed to the opposite wall by metal clamps, along with the rest of his body, he did not have much more choices.
"You couldn't you at least get a bloody picture?" he muttered, either to himself or to his capturer. The latter rarely answered, and the former - he hoped - would continue not to do so.
"Pictures interfere with work," Lexi responded. He could stare at her, actually, for short periods of time. She was at the very edge of his vision, and it gave him headaches to do it for too long, but the back of her head was still more interesting than the wall. At least the strands shifted, and there was the barest chance of seeing a lice or something else that he could nitpick on.
The hair itself was blonde and long, trailing the f
:iconprincess-kay:Princess-Kay 195 43
neito's hasty mistake by hibarikyouya4 neito's hasty mistake :iconhibarikyouya4:hibarikyouya4 317 25
Mature content
Crime and Regression :iconlaprasking:laprasking 104 21
Tg story: A cat for my sister
(This story contain slight violence, nothing gore or sexual. Oh and it long... really long well now that you are warned, good reading)
Hey I'm Frank, your normal teenager my everyday life is without any weird event, you could even said is boring. Anyway I life in a normal house in my normal family, it summer vacation and I have nothing to do... yeah now that I said it like that it really seem boring. Well I guess my family are in good term with each other, it sure that I often argue with my little sister but hey yo didn't anyway, this is my story.
It all start one day when my sister go back to an annoying subject with my parents in our usual family supper...
"Hey, why can't we have a cat?" she ask, oh she is only several years younger than me
"We alreay have a dog and anyway you know that your brother is allergic to cat" answer my mom
"Oh yeah right it is fault" she said glaring at me
"Ok, look it not my fault if my body have over reaction because of cat" I said
"Oh you with your techn
:iconfoxpower93:Foxpower93 228 3,065
100 TGs, #1
Okay, challenge accepted.
Hmm... I don't really want to do them in order...
Time for a roll of the dice, then.
47, lets see...
'A geek'. That's a bit open...
Well, I'd better get on with it, then.
Max was sat at his computer when he heard the knock at his door. He was alone in the house; his parents were on holiday, but Max hadn't wanted to go to a place with no videogames, no internet and no TV. In fact, he relished the fact that his parents were away, leaving him free to do whatever he wanted for three weeks. He hadn't expected visitors, though.
He rolled his desk chair over to the window and opened the curtain, looking through the glass to the front door. He leaned closer, trying to get a better view, pressing his face against the glass of the window. The man at the door had green hair. Before Max could look at him for more than a few seconds, the man twisted his head sharply, grinning eerily at Max.
"Gah!" Max exclaimed, flinching back, sending the chair skidding backwar
:icontgtf42:TGTF42 14 6
The Ultimate Guide to Disgaea by MentalCrash The Ultimate Guide to Disgaea :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 540 75
Holo TG
Ryu had no idea where he was or what he was doing. The village was a tiny place, children running about his horse, a seeming army rising from the wheat that was the livelihood of the people. One held a bunch of wheat in his hands and was being chased by the rest. "It's Holo!" they yelled as they passed in front of Ryu's horse and headed for the village proper. A pagan ritual, Ryu took it, to some long lost goddess of the harvest.
As he found himself before a granary, he stopped his horse and asked one of the many people surrounding it what was taking place. The old crone explained that the person who was considered Holo would be locked inside for a week, and this year it was Giles who was given the name of Holo.
Ryu had no wont to engage any further in the villages tradition and decided instead to find lodging for the night. He stopped at a tiny inn as a few elderly folk passed by, glancing at him. He noticed that they held wheat in their arms, carrying it to the granary perhaps. As th
:icontgtf:TGTF 81 13


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